About Us


With over 30 years of dance convention and competition experience, EDS has integrated the positive aspects of both, and eliminated the unfavorable.  We strive to present a fun, friendly atmosphere with fair results!  Using a system that acknowledges studio size, you are guaranteed to compete on a “level playing field”.  You will be categorized in a division with studios of comparable size, much like the divisions in college sports.  Finally, the stress of competing against studios much larger or smaller than yours is removed!  In addition to our 3 levels of competition, we will have 2 divisions of overall awards!!!  With cash prizes, scholarships, fun games, and more, we’re sure your “Epic” experience will be one you will want to relive each year!


EDS is proud to announce the addition of Tyler Nelson as spokesperson!  Tyler has won numerous overall, solo and group awards and scholarships and has studied with the best choreographers in the dance industry.  His electrifying personality and passion for dance is contagious.  You are sure to be thrilled during his unique and energetic master hip hop classes!  Be sure to look for him at all our conventions and competitions!

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